Meek Mill’s mother, Kathy Williams wrote an emotional open letter about her son’s incarceration and the unlawful justice system for Billboard.

Ms. Williams talked about Meek’s struggles with the loss of his father and how his rap career helped to change him. In the letter directed at Lady Justice, she calls out the “unfair” system that has “taken his innocence and abused his pride.”

“The justice system has failed my son at every turn and hasn’t let go,” she writes. “You, Lady Justice, have allowed corruption at the highest levels of the system, and cruelty and spite have cast doubt on your very foundation.”

Meek Mill is currently serving 2-4 years in prison for probation violations. There has been an outcry for justice in his case as it highlights the disparity in sentencing for Black people and how it creates a cycle that is hard to escape Meek Mill has been on probation since the age of 19. As the matter plays out in court, there have many questions about the ethics of his case from the arresting officer’s alleged corruption to the presiding judge’s alleged unprofessional behavior. Many have spoken in the rapper’s defense including Colin Kaepernick, JAY-Z and Al Sharpton.

“Where are you?” Kathy Williams also asks. “The District Attorney and Governor Wolf had the courage to say let my son out of prison due to this injustice. You’ve taken his innocence and abused his pride. He’s suffered loss of family and freedom. No human being should know his truths and be accosted by lies and false judgment under your shelter.”

You can read the op-ed in full here.