Sheillah Sheldone Charles, 9, is a Kenyan artist, designer and model. She was profiled by BBC News Africa in August about her sophisticated art and interest in humanity. Although she creates a variety of images, Charles said she draws women most frequently because of their suffering.

“I don’t know why I draw, actually,” the young girl told the news outlet. “But it’s just God-given. It’s something in me.” While speaking about her art, she revealed that she has drawn for Uhuru Kenyatta, the president of Kenya. Charles also said she enjoys painting lions because tourists visit the East African country to see the wildcat.

The girl’s revelation about women, however, proved how aware of the world she is. “I draw women a lot because they suffer a lot,” she said. “So I just draw them because they are the most important people in our family. I think about my family, how it is and what would I like to change about my family and that’s why I draw.”

She expressed her love for helping others and teaching her peers. Charles ended her segment saying, “I will be doing this [drawing] forever. Until I die.”