TR: So what do you consider your biggest break?

HB: I would say writing for Saturday Night Live was a kind of big step because it took me from just doing stand-up to working in television and seeing the other side of it. I’m on a show on Comedy Central called Broad City, which is expanding my fan base a lot. This past year, I was touring the country and doing the biggest venues I’ve done, so that was real cool, to go on the road and do 1,000-seat, 2,000-seat venues and sell them out. So this past year has been good. It’s been fun.

TR: What has been the biggest adjustment of going from stand-up to television?

HB: Stand-up is immediate and right there. It’s just you and the audience, and television is more collaborative, so you just learn to play your position and do what you need to do to help the good of the show and the good of the team. It’s a team game, not an individual game.