Meet Miss Savannah State University, Aaliyah Buckholts

Hailing from Savannah State University, Aaliyah shared:

“Thus far, my most memorable contribution has been restarting Queen's Coalition. Queen’s Coalition is an initiative started by a previous Miss Savannah State University, and it was an effort to bond and showcase all of the Campus Queens. As a part of my reign, I wanted to revamp and rebrand the organization so that all of the Queens could have an impactful reign, learn from each other and grow together.”

Meet Miss Edward Waters College, Asiah Cheek

Hailing from Edward Waters College, Asiah shared:

“My most memorable contribution thus far has been setting a new standard for Queens to come at Edward Waters College. As we embark upon new journeys, remaining steadfast and acting an example for all to follow has always been something that I set out to do. Being able to inspire students to one day want to be a Queen while remaining transparent is most memorable to me.”

Meet Miss North Carolina A&T State University, Diamond Mangrum

Hailing from North Carolina A&T State University State, Diamond shared:

“Being able to represent my beloved institution has been a dream come true. My most memorable moment has been working with elementary school students at Gillespie Park Elementary. It is so nice to know I am able to be a role model for the next generation and show them that it is cool to be a girl who is smart and loves math.”

Meet Miss Albany State University, Fahren Nipple

Hailing from Albany State University, Fahren shared:

“My most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen has been being able to be a role model to younger girls in the community. I have been working and volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club in Albany, Georgia, and have been able to start a mentoring program. In the program, I teach girls from the ages of 6-18 on how to dress, speak and act. The girls and I also talk about self-care, relationships and being mentally as well as physically healthy. Being able to be a role model and that big sister has always meant something to me because it helps me know I’m making a difference.”

Meet Miss Claflin University 2019-2020 (No Royal Court), Faith McKie

Hailing from Claflin University, Faith shared:

“I believe that “hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.” As such, I have worked hard to achieve every goal that I have set for myself, including not giving up when I didn’t succeed the first time. Though every accomplishment is fulfilling and being a Campus Queen provides a plethora of great memories, my most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen is being told that I am making a difference in the lives of individuals around me. My mission to inspire is rewarding when I receive messages such as, “You’re my role model here at Claflin, and I aspire to be like you.” Making those memories are the most humbling and rewarding of them all. I truly believe that attending an HBCU is the best decision that I have ever made, and it has transformed me into the woman that I am today. ”

Meet Miss University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, Jade West

Hailing from University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB), Jade shared:

“With my platform "Breaking Barriers | Bridging the Gaps," I was able to connect with a lot of students on campus through my experiences. During my campaign, I had students fill out index cards with internal barriers they struggled with, which were all confidential, and I had a social media balloon release that was symbolic of releasing the barriers people deal with on a regular basis.”

Meet Miss Alcorn State University, Jakhia Gray

Hailing from Alcorn State University, Jakhia shared:

“My most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen thus far has been organizing and implementing a food pantry called "Brave Market." The pantry consists of nonperishable foods and other essential items. One of my main goals as the 93rd Miss Alcorn State University is to create unity and make sure we are here for each other. This free pantry is open to all students that are in need. It is a blessing to be a blessing.”

Meet Miss Johnson C. Smith University, Janiya Miller

Hailing from Johnson C. Smith University, Janiya shared:

“My most memorable contribution thus far as Campus Queen has been through a session where I spoke authentically with freshman and sophomore females on this campus about my story and who I am behind the sash, title, crown and heels. I felt that it was important to reach them on a personal and a transparent level to let them know that I, too, go through the same issues that they do. So being able to contribute myself, my story and my testimony was nothing but a blessing for me because I know that I blessed one of them and inspired them to continue to push through whatever obstacles they may face.”

Meet 80th Miss Jackson State University, Naysa Lynch

Hailing from Jackson State University, Naysa shared:

“The most memorable contribution I’ve made thus far as a Campus Queen is hosting a Welcome Week Giveaway contest where everyone that entered was able to receive a Miss JSU College Starter Kit. Having this giveaway was so important to me because as a freshman, I received a similar package on Move-in Day. Items from that package lasted almost half of the first semester. My goal was to target those who were really in need of necessities and possibly could not afford them. I hosted a donation drive to solicit items that would be included in the kit. Members of the community, students, faculty, staf, and even alumni eagerly donated to help this cause. Seeing the look appreciation on the faces of those who received a Miss JSU College Starter Kit was priceless and heart-warming, which is why this experience has been my most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen.”

Meet Miss Grambling State University, Rickenzie Johnikin

Hailing from Grambling State University, Rickenzie shared:

“The most memorable moment thus far has been welcoming the class of 2023, forming relationships and helping connect them to campus resources. ”

Meet Mister Savannah State University, Antwan Yarbrough

Hailing from Savannah State University, Antwan shared:

“As King, my most memorable contribution has been helping the new and incoming men on Savannah State campus know that they're are not alone on their investment and reminding them of the privilege they have to receive a higher education.”

Meet Mister North Carolina A&T State University, Armani May

Hailing from North Carolina A&T State University, Armani shared:

“Recently, I had the chance to collect over 500 school supply items to give to low-income students at a local elementary schools. We also threw a red carpet back-to- school event for the students at the same elementary school to make them feel like rock stars on the first day of school.”

Meet The 3rd Mister Jackson State University, Grant Broadway

Hailing from Jackson State University, Grant shared:

“Chartering Men of Excellence as an organization on the campus of Jackson State University has helped me create a legacy, as a student and King, that will benefit the future of JSU greatly. As King, I do a lot of large-scale programming that benefits our students, and I plan to do the same with Men of Excellence.”

Meet Mister Tougaloo College (Mr. Loo), Houston Sneed

Hailing from Tougaloo College, Houston shared:

“My most memorable contribution as a Campus King is certainly the freshperson move-in. On Saturday, August 10, 2019, I was granted the opportunity to mix and mingle with freshpersons from multiple backgrounds and their families. Their energy both empowered me and gave life to the campus. The freshmen young men inspired my "Tying the Tie Series." I could not help but notice their lack of campus involvement and lack of knowledge relating to matriculate throughout the institution and supporting facilities.”

Meet Mister UAPB, Jalen Phillips

Hailing from University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, Jalen shared:

“Although the school year it hasn't been a long time since the school year started, I've learned that it's not the quantity of things that you do, it's the quality of those things that matters the most. My first memorable contribution was a monetary donation to St. Jude's Children Hospital. We often say that our children are our future. That's why it's important that we invest in them, even at their lowest point. My next most- memorable moment was donating to the Hurricane Dorian victims. My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones due to this horrible tragedy. I was able to donate tissue, water and money to help those families in need.”

Meet Mister Pirate, Jamil Gambari

Hailing from Hampton University, Jamil shared:

“My most memorable contribution as a Campus King has been implementing my platform 3D (Driven, Diverse and Dynamic). My platform highlights the multidimensional aspects that African-Americans possess through proper knowledge of our history and confidence building! Too many times, we limit the multitude of talents we were gifted with. I feel this would be an amazing opportunity to highlight what we could achieve as we remove the barriers we impose on ourselves, and ultimately allowing everything we have to offer to be displayed to motivate all to shine as well.”

Meet Mister Philander Smith College, Jeramie Alexander

Hailing from Philander Smith College, Jeramie shared:

“My most memorable contribution as Campus King has been spreading positivity. My campus needed more positive energy, and I am glad that I am able to make a lot of people smile.”

Meet Mister Benedict College, Saxton Keitt

Hailing from Benedict College, Saxton shared:

“My most memorable contribution would be my initiative titled " Tie-It-Up Tuesdays." Every Tuesday, I ask my student body to dress professionally in order to create a professional manner and morale on the campus of Benedict College.”

Meet Mister Fayetteville State University, William Cumbo

Hailing from Fayetteville State University, William shared:


Meet 22nd Tuskegee University, Mister Zavian Bell

Hailing from Tuskegee University, Zavian shared:

“As the 22nd Mister Tuskegee, I hosted the first annual King’s Welcoming ceremony for the men of #TU23 . This event consisted of a panel discussion covering many topics, such as “What is a Tuskegee Gentlemen?” game day etiquette, the importance of academics and social life. My panel consisted of my Mister Tuskegee court Fernandez Hunter (1st Gentlemen), Kyler Wells (2nd Gentlemen), Micah Grey (the current SGA president), Timothy Foster (2018 graduate), Alijah Steele (the current Mister SGA), and Tyric Webster (2017-18 2nd Gentlemen to Tuskegee) about Tuskegee University and also a “How to tie a tie?” session for the freshman males. This event was my chance to educate the young men of the Tuskegee culture and become a mentor for these guys.”