After noticing a lack of diverse representation in the spirits category, as well as a mainstream African alcohol beverage that highlights the continent’s heritage, Chris Frederick and Damola Timeyin teamed up to create Spearhead, an African Spirits Group. 

Spearhead's current portfolio of premium brands includes gin and vodka. Both are distilled with bountiful local botanicals from across the continent, using unique flavors of many of Africa's different terrains and countries. To date, the brand has sold 35,000 units, since launching in March 2021, and racked up accolades including the gold and silver awards at the San Francisco Wine and Spirits competition and a silver at the International Wine and Spirits Competition. 

Image: courtesy of Spearhead

Additionally, the co-founders announced that they have raised $3 million in investments to take the brand to the next level. Funded by Pendulum, a strategic investment and advisory platform for founders and leaders of color, the investment marks the group’s entry into the US and will further power the company’s next phase of growth. Following a strong reception to the award-winning brand in European markets, the funding will allow Spearhead to accelerate its global reach, introduce new product lines and scale marketing efforts. 

Speaking on the investment, co-founder and CEO Frederick says, “With a lack of Black-owned African Spirits brands exported globally, we have made it our mission to connect the world to Africa through our spirits. Our brands not only increase diversity and challenge cultural bias in the sector but being produced on the African continent allows us to show the world what Africans have always known about its culturally and resource rich continent, with products that compete on the world stage in taste and quality, as well as innovation...we’re excited to share this mission with the USA market.” 

The increased budget will also benefit local South African communities so Spearhead can continue to support community development in the region. In partnership with the non-profit organization uMthombo, the brand will use this funding to help get young people off the streets and provide them with life-skills training and a pathway to employment. 

Keep reading to learn more about the brand’s current offerings and where to purchase.

Image: courtesy of Spearhead

Spearhead Vusa Vodka, $29,

This award winning spirit is a premium copper distilled cane vodka from Africa distilled in small batches. The result is a silky-smooth finish of exceptional quality. Vusa uses the sugar cane that grows naturally in the Kwazulu-natal subtropical climate making it a naturally sweet-tasting vodka and its unique filtration process uses the shells of the Baobab fruit to contribute to its crisp finish.

Image: courtesy of Spearhead

Spearhead Bayab Gin, $29,

This classic dry gin is made with an African twist, distilled using Zambian Baobab from the Baobab ‘tree of life’ and bountiful African botanicals of juniper berries, coriander, rosemary, cinnamon, coarse salt, lemon peel, baobab and orange peel. Next, it is blended with the purest water, sourced from the Midlands Kwazulu-Natal. The result is a fresh citrus taste that will delight your senses.