No matter how perfect a marriage may seem from the outside, relationships will always face trails and tribulations. Although some fold under the pressure, others look for any way possible to salvage their partnerships, even going so far as to switch it up with someone new.

Season Three of Seven Year Switch has found a home at Lifetime, and it will feature four new couples hoping to repair their relationships by learning a thing or two from complete strangers with baggage of their own.

Meet the Season Three cast of Seven Year Switch, and be sure to tune into the premiere July 17 at 10 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

Kenya, 37

Kenya fell in love with Charles’ strong Christian values, his sense of adventure and the way he helped her let loose and enjoy life. After 10 years together, however, Charles’ inability to communicate and take the reins when necessary created a disconnect between the couple. Fearing infidelity, Kenya eventually found out their her suspicions were true, which resulted in a separation. Hoping to rebuild trust and stability in their relationship, Kenya is turning to switch therapy for a last chance to save their marriage.

Charles, 35

Charles won over Kenya’s heart after first meeting in college. They shared a strong faith base and a sense of adventure. As their relationship went on, Charles felt as if he began to lose his voice and failed to meet the expectations set forth by his wife. Losing sight of his marriage, Charles became unfaithful to Kenya, which ultimately forced a separation. He hopes the switch will help Kenya see the affection and acceptance he seeks in order to save their marriage.

Anthony, 36

Tony’s family history and previous service in the U.S. Navy have been key factors in his regimented and calculated lifestyle. Angela’s constant pressure to dig into his family history before starting a family of their own has caused a major disconnect between the two. Things only seems to escalate as Angela and Tony both share the desire to focus on their own career, which may ultimately end with them on different sides of the country. Seeking understanding, patience and the ability to be heard by his wife has encouraged Tony to give switch therapy a try. 

Angela, 32

Angela is a confident and ambitious woman who grew up in a supportive and affectionate family. Her focus on her career goals and desire to start a family have put pressure on her relationship with Tony. Striving to pursue her own aspirations, the goal to leave Virginia has put stress on her marriage. She hopes that through switch therapy, Tony will better understand compromise and making decisions together as a couple so that they both may achieve what they desire most in their professional and personal lives.

Bobby, 34

Bobby grew up in a lenient household where he learned to make decisions on his own. He is open and honest in his relationship with Rosslyn and hopes that one day they will achieve their dream of owning a home. While they both agree that having children is not in the cards, the challenge of justifying their decision to others often puts a toll on their marriage. Bobby’s difficulty with processing emotions of past experiences and his inability to be open with Rosslyn has made it difficult for them to connect. Fearing that Rosslyn may leave him, the switch is his only hope to avoid divorce. 

Rosslyn, 34

Rosslyn’s outgoing and bubbly personality was the force that encouraged her to first approach Bobby at a party, not knowing that one day this man would be her husband. Rosslyn was raised by a single mother whom she lost to a pulmonary embolism, teaching Rosslyn the importance of family and spending time with loved ones. Though she and Bobby make each other laugh and love experiencing life together, Rosslyn feels she is not receiving the support and intimacy she had hoped for in her marriage. Constant fighting with no resolution has made Rosslyn contemplate divorce. Switch therapy is her last chance to make it work.

Diane, 38

Diane is an extremely hardworking and driven business woman. Constantly striving to achieve success, she often becomes frustrated with Reece’s lack of motivation and wants them both to achieve their goals together. Though she is always striving for the “perfect life,” Diane knows her relationship with Reece is important and is willing to try switch therapy if there is a chance it could help them both see eye to eye.

Reece, 33

Reece was born and raised in Australia, and his affectionate upbringing contributes greatly to his love and commitment to Diane. Reece believes in working hard and playing hard, and values balance in his life. While both having their own career goals, Reece’s approach often leaves him feeling insecure and a low priority in their relationship. Reece hopes that engaging in switch therapy will allow him and Diane to understand how to better spend their time in their marriage.

SWITCH! Here are your new couples!

Tony & Kenya

Charles & Angela 

Bobby & Diane 

Rosslyn & Reece


Season Three of Seven Year Switch premieres July 17 at 10 p.m. EST on Lifetime.