This week, Megan Thee Stallion launched a new website, called “Bad B**ches Have Bad Days Too,” ⁠intended to serve as a free mental health resource directory for anyone needing support. The rapper, who has been extremely transparent about her own journey with mental health, wants to use her platform and music to normalize these conversations with her own fandom (playfully known as 'hotties'), to make it clear that seeking help from professionals does not make you any less of a ‘hot girl’. 

Listed on the website are 4 categories of diverse mental health support groups: free therapy platforms, mental health helplines, directories of resources, and organizations specific to LGBTQIA+ communities. There are also a surplus of external links for additional websites serving BIPOC groups. The list includes Therapy for Black Girls and Black Men, Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration National Helpline, and the LGBTQ Psychotherapist of Color Directory, among others. 

The site also references lyrics one of Megan’s singles, “Anxiety” from her new album Traumazine, in which she takes about the crippling effects of her ongoing anxiety and grief, specifically related to the death of both of her parents. The lyrics detail how important it is to admit when professional help is needed, rapping “They keep sayin' I should get help / But I don't even know what I need / They keep sayin' speak your truth / And at the same time say they don't believe.”

In a recent tweet, she shared with her nearly 8 million followers, "Hotties! You know how much mental wellness means to me, so I created a hub with resources that can help when you might need a hand. Head to http://badb** now and check it out. Love y'all so much."

Recently, the Houston native also launched the Pete and Thomas Foundation, to honor the memories of her late parents, father Joseph Pete Jr. and her mother Holly Thomas. The mission of the foundation is toto catalyze resources to effect meaningful and positive change in the lives of women and children, senior citizens, and underserved communities in Houston, TX and across the globe…in the fields of education, housing, health and wellness.”

Next up, she will be featured on the new season of Saturday Night live on October 15pulling double duty as both the host and performing as the musical guest.