Meghan Markle sister seems to have had a change of heart (or rather, a change in tone). Recently Samantha Grant, Markle’s older half sibling, made an appearance on the U.K. based show, The Wright Stuff, to talk about her upcoming book, “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister.” Despite Grant, 52, having once opened up about her 36-year-old “baby sister,” in a negative light, it appears she’s singing a different tune, and is now singing praise to the sister she claims she “helped raise.” (side eye).

Not only does Grant defend her use of the word “Pushy” to describe her sister, she also claims her tell-all will not slam her sister, but instead, give a historical and personal insight on interracial relations in America and the world. The book is said to be inspired by Meghan’s relationship and Samantha even says she feels telling her sister’s business is a “service to the public.” Ok, girl.
Oh, she also denies that despite reports of Meghan’s plans to have her mother (who raised Markle), walk her down the aisle, that it will be Samantha and Meghan’s shared father, Thomas, who will do the job.
Read some highlights from the interview below:
On Whether or Not She’s Invited to the Wedding:

Invitations haven’t gone out yet, but I hope so! Of course I’d love to be there.

On the Controversy of the Title, “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister”

You know it’s so funny because there is so much controversy about the title. I would like to think that the world is a bit more evolved in the cerebellum. In other words, people have taken the title so literally. I chose the title because I was more so making a mockery of tabloids, who at one point referred t my sister as “Princess Pushy,” – the opposite is true. So to make fun of that and to illustrate she really is not, I’m going to choose that title and run with it, but it’s so silly that the world sort of glommed on to that, and made that her nickname. But it’s not true. It’s not negative. And it’s not a slamming tell-all.

On What the Book Will Be About — It takes a look at the interracial evolution of our country

The book deals with our family, but it takes a historical look at the interracial evolution of our country, and I found it an incredible journey not only in my life… but very personally within our family. To see how the interracial fiber of America has changed from the implantation of the Civil Rights Acts in the 60’s and our struggles with that. But I think interestingly we’ve come to embrace that we are an interracial world — people are people. In my family now it’s quite interesting to see this evolution. I’m so proud of my sister. And really, I think an important precedent that she will be setting in the world Just by saying, “We’re people. We love. We move forward, and color should never be an issue.”

On If She’s Trying to Cash in on the Wedding

I think the term “cash in” is a low blow. I think anyone of us who has experiences and feelings.. and we’re able to share them, apparently, I wouldn’t say we’re cashing in because there is certainly a large audience and market of people who are curious. So why not share information that is socially and historically valuable. I feel like it’s kind of a service to do that.

On Whether Their Father, Thomas Markle, Will Walk Meghan Down the Aisle

Yes, he is! God forbid unless a plane crashes, but he’ll be there one way or another. Any rumor to the contrary is, my favorite new word is, “rubbish.” So yes, he’ll be there.

On What She’d Tell Meghan If She Could Speak to Her Now

I would say, you should know not to believe everything in tabloids. I love you, I admire you, and we will sit down one day and have tea and I look forward to it.

Considering that Meghan and Samantha have been estranged for nearly a decade, we wouldn’t be surprised if Grant’s invite gets lost in the mail…