Porsche Thomas is beautiful. Even through photographs, her skin glows. The model’s melanin glistens and people who have nothing better to do with their time other than scroll social media in search of their next person to troll, can’t take all that magic.

The beauty about Black people though, is that we know how to bite back and flaunt this skin we’ve been blessed with, with pride.

And that was just the case, when Thomas, daughter of Peter from Real Housewives of Atlanta, caught wind of offensive commentary left under a photo she posted to her Instagram account. (I emphasize “her” because this means that people made a CHOICE to either follow her account to keep up with life or saw the photo floating around and made the DECISION to spread negativity. Either way, chances are she didn’t post for your approval.)

Under the photo, where Thomas exposes her pregnant belly while lounging in the sun, she received comments such as “No disrespect but why is her stomach so black?” and others that said her skin looked “nasty”.

As the offensive comments rolled in, Thomas let them roll off her sunkissed skin but not without checking the trolls with class and sipping on some tea.

And where the negative resides, positivity is not too far behind.

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 1.49.24 PM

Congrats on your twins, Porsche!

You love my style
You love my skin
That Melanin
That Melanin
That Melanin
That Melanin”

“Sunkissed” by Mick Jenkins ft. theMIND