A mass shooting, on Memorial Day, in Charleston, South Carolina left ten people injured, four critically, and three law enforcement officials wounded , NBC News reports. A 17-year-old was among the victims.

Around 11:40 p.m. on Monday, shots rang out near a vacant lot where a large party was taking place with more than 100 people in attendance, Charleston Police Chief Luther T. Reynolds said in a news conference

An officer who responded to the shooting was not hit directly but suffered injury from shrapnel. He was later hospitalized and released, Reynolds stated.

The authorities said that bullets hit several cars and said the shooting took place over several blocks. Additionally, two deputies from Charleston County Sheriff’s Office were assaulted while attempting to corral the crowd, resulting in minor injuries, the sheriff's office said.

Ayesha McGee was charged with third-degree assault and battery and Tahira McGee with second-degree assault and battery and resisting arrest. More arrests are expected, authorities said,

“One person swung at a deputy, striking the deputy in the face. The deputy was later treated for facial injuries. Another deputy was knocked to the ground by a member of the crowd. The deputy suffered cuts to the head and arm,” Andrew Knapp, a spokesperson for the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, told WCBD of Charleston.

According to the report, there were over 100 evidence markers and more than half were shell casings at the scene of the shooting.

“There’s a lot of weapons that were fired,” Reynolds explained. “Handguns, long guns, 223 rounds. If anybody doesn’t know what a 223 round will do, it’ll blow your leg right off, it’ll blow your head right off your shoulders. Those are the types of rounds that were fired last night.”

“As we stand here right now, we’re lucky we don’t have a dead cop or dead citizen or dead community members," he added.

Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg condemned the violent act as well as those across the country, a reference to the recent Buffalo, New York supermarket shooting and the Uvalde, Texas elementary school shooting. According to Tecklenburg, the definition of a “mass shooting" is when four or more people are injured or killed, and there have been 230 mass shootings in America so far this year, according to one database. The Charleston mayor then introduced an 8-point plan to curb the issue of gun violence that includes “graduated penalties for gun crimes, promoting safer firearm use, and shutting down events without proper permits.”