More than likely this will be the last time 13-year old Natia Wade steals from her mother. The Memphis teen had taken small items around the house before, but this time she really did herself in—stealing her mom’s credit card to reactivate her cell phone. While most of us would have expected a royal whooping for the same crime, Wade’s mother thought more creatively. She forced her daughter, who didn’t see a problem in what she did, to hold a large sign on the corner of a busy intersection that read “I Steal from My Family.”

Now after you’re finished laughing, imagine yourself in her shoes. Humiliated? Well, it only got worse when a local news crew pulled up to interview her aunt who, of course, was not short on words. “Don't get me wrong you never want to put your child in this situation because they're fragile,” said Lauren Scales. “But with all of the things that are going on with kids, stealing things and all the crime being committed in Memphis, she will not be one of them.”

Should children get the same old school discipline we received or do we need to be more creative these days?