The Chukka boot is an ankle length boots that usually laces up and has three or four eyelets. Sometimes referred to as desert or turf boots, the shoe historically came on the scene in the late 1940’s. The name "Chukkas" derives from the game of polo, and refers to the name of the periods in each polo match.  Since the shoe's introduction, Chukkas have remained an extremely popular shoe in casualwear. It had a resurgence in the late 1990's under the name “Wallabee” which had a thicker sole.   

Back in the day, the Chukka was in a suede or calfskin and usually in neutral colors like taupe, navy, or black. Nowadays brands are not afraid to really push the envelope. Whether it's snakeskin, leather, or perforated, we’ve seen the chukka offerings continually grow.   

Traditionally we’ve looked at the Chukka as a shoe option for fall.  Due to its suede texture and color palette, it always felt like a fall shoe.  While its true that fall is the prominent time for the Chukka, it’s no longer the only season we see it worn. For example, in these past summer months, we’ve seen the chukka paired with a pair of shorts or rocked with lightweight khakis.

As we transition out of the summer heat wave into the brisky fall, check out some of these Chukkas you should rock now!

—Christian Law