Guys, floral shirts will be all the talk this summer, which means you need to get one, like, now. Here are nine great options to get your summer style started.

Club Monaco Short Sleeve Daisy Shirt ($89.50)

This offering from Club Monaco packs a mean floral punch. The shirt is sort of a blank canvas that gets overcome with small daisy patterns.

Cotton Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt in Leaf Print ($88.00)

J.Crew continues to find ways to get all creative with their patterns. You’ll definitely be glad you bought this one.

Forever 21 – Reverse Tropical Print Shirt ($19.80)

Not sure if this is a trend you want to be a part of? Cool. Forever 21 lets you test-drive it.

Zara – Floral Print Shirt ($59.90)

Zara offers a slightly more conflicting pattern, sure to draw attention. Make sure the rest of your outfit is simple.

Saturday’s – Crosby Floral Print ($118.00)

One of our favorite surf shops put together this prized floral possession. Again, keep those shorts solid, my friend.

Acne – Ericson printed short-sleeve cotton shirt ($270.00)

If you need that designer ish, Acne Studio creates a one-of-a-kind, floral short-sleeved button-up that’s the cream of the crop.

The Homies Nightshade Floral Tee ($34.00)

Look, not everybody wants to rock a button-up. And if that’s you, here’s your solution.

Gucci Slim-Fit Floral Twill Shirt ($325.00)

For the big spender in you, Gucci offers a “down-to-earth green” number that’ll have her asking, “Where’d you get that?”