Summer's officially here, and shopping for a fresh pair of shades needs to be at the top of your list. Besides protecting your eyes from harmful rays, they're the necessary finishing touch for every warm weather look. Though finding the right pair of sunglasses for your particular face shape may seem confusing, it's easier than you think. Whether your face is round, square, or anything in between, you can look fly with sun blockers that compliment your face and style.

For the Round Face Shape:

Smoky Square Frame Sunglasses ($30,

Square or rectangular frames add angles to an otherwise round face. And these Express glasses sit higher on the nose, which brings attention to the center instead of your rounded edges. With tinted lenses and translucent frames, these are all fashion and function.

For the Oval Face Shape: 

RTRBLZY Aviators ($24,

Your face is similar to a round shape, but slightly longer than wide. While most frames work well, a set with an accented top or decorative rim helps to break up the length of your face. This affordable pair of glasses is all about the little details, including faux leather trim and a top bar.

For the Heart Face Shape: 

9five Crowns '13 ($66,

Heart-shaped faces are usually defined by a wider forehead and cheekbones with a narrow chin. Add some width to the lower portion of the face with bottom-heavy frames (they're wider at the bottom vs. top) or low set temples. With the color-blocked glasses, the focus automatically goes to the lower portion of the rims.

For the Square Face Shape: 

Emporio Armani Round ($145,

With symmetrical angles, square-shaped faces can easily wear circle frames to counterbalance their strong features. Nix the basic black and brown rims for a printed pair, which ups the style ante.

For the Diamond Face Shape:

Smith Optics Lyric Glasses ($80,

With the widest parts of your face being the cheekbones, this particular face benefits from drawing attention to the cheeks and eyes. Cat-eye rims naturally bring the eye upward. Though these have a slight feline shape, they're all masculine.

For Almost Every Face Shape:

Cole Haan Metal Frames ($35,

Regardless of your facial structure, the aviator is the tried and true pair of glasses that work across the board. Just stick with a thin frame and you're good to go. Also, embrace a bold color like red or coral, which works well against brown skin.

—Patrice J. Williams

Patrice J. Williams is a NYC-based writer and budget style expert behind Looking Fly on a Dime. She dishes on fashionable, affordable solutions for those who want to look their best without maxing out their budget. Her motto is your style is never determined by your wallet. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for daily fashion updates.