Discussions surrounding mental health are steadily becoming more prevalent and less taboo within the Black community. As we continue to navigate uncertainty amidst health crises, unjust legislation and a tense social climate, there is an heightened need to pay closer attention to our innermost thoughts and how they make us feel.

Throughout the month of May, which is Mental Health Awareness month, EBONY, through its Mental Matters video series, is highlighting the respective mental health journeys and reflections from notable members of our community straight from our archives.

Unfortunately, society perceives Black men as weak or inadequate if they express vulnerability. However, the acceptance of Black men's feelings allows them to feel both seen and heard, positively altering their quality of life. In the first episode, we hear from former NBA player Ron Artest, now known as Metta World Peace, as well as Grown-ish stars Diggy Simmons and Trevor Jackson, as they share their experiences with addressing mental health issues.

"In our culture, it's taught that the man has to take the larger load and that he can't express himself because he has to be okay to take on everyone else. I think it's so important for Black folks to be able to not only express themselves but express themselves with older men," said Jackson in the episode.

To watch the full episode, check out the video below: