Multi-platinum musician, tech entrepreneur and philanthropist William Adams, better known as, has joined forces with Mercedes-AMG for a sixth time to design a one-of-a-kind concept car nicknamed “The Flip”. The ongoing partnership with the luxury car brand fulfills a long-time dream of the Black Eyed Peas star, a lifelong car enthusiast who has always imagined designing his own vehicle. The creatively-charged project embodies’s goal to boldly drive forward new ideas, push boundaries and dare to do the impossible.

Designed to be a futuristic sports car, elements for "The Flip" were influenced by the classic Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe, the G-Class and the legendary SLS Gullwing. put his spin on the vehicle with modern features including a set of suicide doors and a split glass roof. Inspired by the iconic Mercedes star logo and the vehicle sound, he also created a bear-like face icon. In respect for the brand's premium features, he shares, “I didn't touch the engine, because AMG really does make the best engines. The story of the founders of AMG truly inspires me and it is energizing to collaborate with like-minded people who also seek continuous improvement." 

"The Flip" futuristic sports car. Image: courtesy of Mercedes Benz.

"I grew up in a ghetto. I grew up with hip-hop. I watched legendary hip-hop artists rap about Mercedes, so it was always a dream to own a Mercedes. For a lot of inner-city kids, owning a Mercedes is a symbol of progress and advancing out of struggle," explains "Now I've reached my goal and pushed even higher by reimagining and creating my own vision of an AMG model.”

The project is also setting examples for future generations to think outside of the box. All of the activities surrounding the vehicle launch this month will benefit's Foundation, which gives more students from disadvantaged communities access to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) education to help equip them with the skills required for future-focused jobs and creating new technologies. The program offers training and programs surrounding robotics, coding, art, and more with the vision of building a STEAM-ready talent pool that will lift families and communities out of poverty.

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