Michael B. Jordan’s talent clearly extends beyond the silver screen, as the Creed 2 star recently flexed his skills in the kitchen while paying a visit to Will Smith’s cabin.

After thanking the box-office boss for his hospitality, he challenged Smith to a cook off, and then proceeded to impress Instagram with several delicious dishes.

The Black Panther actor wrote, “Soooo I got the honor to use big bruh @willsmith cabin & raided his kitchen and thought to myself 🤔 the legend has done it ALL…But I’ve never seen him cook. So I challenge you WILLARD C. SMITH to a cook off. 👨🏾‍🍳🍳🥔🥩🐟 🥓 (Knowing him he got his masters from Le Cordon Bleu 😂😂😂).”

As reported by the Atlanta Black Star:

Jordan whipped up some eggs and a dredge for French toast made of Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, presumably including the General Mills cereal ingredient. He rounded out the meal with turkey bacon and sausage. But Jordan’s cooking didn’t stop there. He also whipped up a dinner of cheddar mashed potatoes, salmon, grilled New York strip steak, which had perfect grill marks and was basted in butter, and grilled asparagus. Plus, he tossed together some ground chicken nachos, complete with homemade nachos and topped with black beans and plenty of cheese and red onions.

Smith soon responded in the comment section, accepting the challenge and telling fans to stay tuned. Even Chef Gordon Ramsey chimed in, saying he’d be glad to judge.