Apparently, more than a few women's prayers have been answered. According to a recent magazine interview, Michael Ealy, currently starring in "Think Like A Man," is through with dating industry chicks. To be exact, Ealy claims that he can no longer date "crazy women," which is what he considers women in his career to be. The silver screen heartthrob known for his baby blue eyes and rough around the edges yet sweet characters has reflected on his failed relationships of the past and concluded that he has a "savior complex" and difficulty separating business from pleasure. 

“I’ve been done with [dating industry women]," said the actor.  You do it for years and years and years—theater, television, film. Ealy continued on to say: "It’s a workplace thing… But the difference for me now is that I’m mature enough to know that this is a work thing. The minute we stop production, I’m not going to feel this way anymore.”

As for plain ol' crazy women, Ealy admits that he brought on the drama as much as the women of his past: “I think there was a part of me that was just attracted to the crazy.  I tended to involve myself with women that brought drama. And I had a bit of a savior complex. I thought I could save them from whatever daddy issues or cheating issues [they had]. In the past, I was definitely known as a guy who took himself and his relationships a little too seriously. I won’t say that I always knew how to have a lot fun.”