As HBO preps for the premiere of its controversial documentary Leaving Neverland, little-known facts about its subject, Michael Jackson, have slowly been revealed.

One of Jackson's nephews, Taj Jackson, recently shared on The Breakfast Club that the "King of Pop" was secretly investigated by the FBI for 10 years. For the Jackson family, this proves the superstar was innocent because an investigation that lengthy would have revealed evidence if there were anything to find.

"He had a secret 10-year investigation going on him that no one knew about, 300 pages of documents and not one shred of evidence. They would have locked him up," Taj said.

When asked why the FBI was investigating Michael, he responded, "Because of the allegations."

Taj also alleged that his uncle owned half of Sony Music's catalog, revealing that the singer would often say, "They’re trying to kill me for my catalog."

Check out his appearance on The Breakfast Club below.