Michael Jai White is ready to step behind the camera in a big way, and he recently revealed that he’s in the process of developing his own production company.

The 50-year-old actor shared with The Jasmine Brand that he’s patterning his new venture after that of Why Did I Get Married? director Tyler Perry’s in Georgia.

“I’m developing my own company very much like how Tyler Perry has started his brand and knows how to reach his audience. I’m doing with Jaigantic Entertainment and we’ve got some really strong movies coming up,” White said.

“One of the first ones is Outlaw Johnny Black which is something I’m funding through crowdfunding and I’ve got some other strong films which I’m going to be doing the second half of the year. These are global movies and action movies that I’ve been putting together for a while,” he continued.

White went on to explain why it was so important for him to build his behind-the-scenes résumé.

“I’ve always had the vision of a director and producer from the moment I started acting. I’ve always seen the big picture and it’s very fulfilling to have my hand in the entire process. My intention is in the future to be behind the scenes. I’m enjoying my time in front of the camera but I think eventually my best work will be pulling some strings and getting quality entertainment out there and filling that void, so there’s great entertainment to come.”