In Black celebrity couples' news, "Live" host Michael Strahan allegedly called it quits with Nicole Murphy, his fiancee of three years, after finding hints of possible infidelity in Murphy's cell phone. Eddie Murphy's ex-wife, Murphy was rumored to have had inappropriate text messages sent from a man recently featured alongside the "Hollywood Exes" star in a recently filmed and steamy music video. Assumptions of cheating held by both Murphy and Strahan were the source of the split, according to sources close to the couple.

In 2008, Strahan also accused Murphy of cheating, and ultimately confirmed his suspicions by placing a tracking device on his then-girlfriend's car. Despite Murphy's alleged infidelity, the two still got back together and got engaged soon after. This time around, the source reported that Strahan informed Murphy that he needed a break and has not spoken to her since. "Their families are so blended that it would be difficult to truly separate," the source added.