To say that the actor who portrays legendary Wu-Tang Clan member Ol' Dirty Bastard has some exceptionally large shoes to fill might be an understatement. Yet, Michael K. Williams has announced that he'll be playing ODB in an upcoming biopic titled "Dirty White Boy" about the rappers final years before his early death at age 35. While his name might not ring any bells, his menacing roles on "Boardwalk Empire" as Chalky and most famously "The Wire" as renowned stick-up man Omar Little have left an impression as lasting as the definitive scar trailing down his forehead. 

"Dirty White Boy" will center on ODB's relationship with his most recent manager, an at the time inexperienced 22-year-old white man named Jarred Weisfeld. Weisfeld's character has yet to be cast, although the filmmakers have received the support of Weisfeld himself, as well as ODB's mother Cherry Jones. Although Williams is 45 years old, those doubting Williams'  ability to pull of this role will be very few and far between, given the similarities between the ODB's eccentric and controversial personality and those of Williams' previous characters. 

Is the casting of Michael K. Williams as the unforgettable Ol' Dirty Bastard a good decision? Which young White actor would share the screen best with Williams? And, is it just us, or does the title imply that the film centers more on Weisfeld that ODB himself?