Creator Michell Clark wants to be a breath of fresh air amidst the noise and clutter of social media. Every day, the author and strategist, shares his gift for penning powerful, morale-boosting daily affirmations with his nearly 400,000 followers. He calls these posts “daily doses of self-love” as a source of positivity, meant to inspire optimism, mental wellness, and self-love. 

One of the reasons Clark's platform is so popular is his commitment to keeping it real. Unlike the flowery mantras that enforce toxic positivity, he believes that reflective, authentic affirmations are the most effective. He says, “a lot of us haven’t been able to take the space to sit with our feelings–because our lives never offer us enough peace and quiet to do so.” This honesty “forces us to fully acknowledge how we feel in the present–because the affirmation that inspires you to take action…speaking to the root of your insecurities.” 

This habit also serves as a powerful tool for manifestation. He says, “Affirmations are meant to shape your thoughts, and subsequently your actions–the hope is that as you feel better about yourself, you find the capacity to do better for yourself. In Atomic Habits, [the author] James Clear tells us that “with every action you take, you’re casting a vote for the type of person you want to be.” I think that is a striking illustration of how important it is to make sure that your actions align with the version of yourself that you are setting out to manifest.”

Clark’s passion for building self-worth started in early adulthood. He explains, “I started writing affirmations for myself in my early twenties, when I was at my most insecure and least confident. I knew that I wasn’t in a healthy mental space, so I started to write encouraging messages for myself.” He credits this practice for navigating him through an uncertain time and ultimately helping him discover his purpose: “building community…and spaces that empower, encourage, and inspire us.” 

It's safe to say the self-motivating dialogue worked. In addition to creating cross-platform content, Clark owns his own creative agency, which leverages strategy, content, design, and research to empower mission-consistent, Black-owned and Black-facing brands and businesses.

Through his work he hopes, “sharing affirmations with others through social media makes space for two-way conversations. We're building community around a shared desire to overcome negative, self-sabotaging thoughts. We’re all healing–and healing feels less intimidating when I feel seen and supported.”

Today, he shares an exclusive affirmation written for EBONY readers to encourage self-love and compassion.

“I am a living, breathing, human being. my emotions are valid. My feelings are worth acknowledging. I will give myself the time and space that I need to process everything that I feel.”