Yes, there was Jimmy Fallon and the “evolution of mom dancing.” There was the surprise ball-gown-clad appearance for the final moments of the Academy Awards. There was Big Bird roaming the halls of the White House, and there were all those magazine covers.

And don’t forget “the bangs.”

That means a continuation of her “Let’s Move!” campaign against childhood obesity and her work with military families through the “Joining Forces” initiative. But behind the glamour and the occasional – yet always controlled – goofiness, First Lady Michelle Obama has returned to the East Wing for her husband’s second term with a sharp focus on the policy causes that she has championed over the past four years.

And there are hints of some new endeavors as well.

“We are also working through a strategic planning process to determine how to build upon and expand her work with these initiatives, as well as exploring possible new focus areas,” said a White House aide.