Our beloved former First Lady, Michelle Obama along with our Former President Barack Obama, have been giving us the ultimate carefree vibes lately. In fact, recently the former First Lady was spotted wearing her hair in its natural state.

It’s safe to say that the Obama family has made a smooth transition into normalcy. Mr. and Mrs. Obama have recently signed a major book deal, Malia is interning in NYC and Sasha is finishing up the school year.

After having to keep her hair in tip-top shape every day for eight years, we are glad that the former first lady is able to let her hair down…literally!

With what looks to be a thick and healthy head of hair pulled back easily into an effortless ponytail she manages to give it a “look” with a grey polka dot headband. Let’s not get started on her skin. Her melanin is POPPING. The glow Gods have blessed her.

We all know the former First Lady loves to exercise, but would you just look at her toned arms? If you think we’re the only ones gushing over her, then you haven’t been on social media in the past 24 hours!

Check out what the Interwebs have to say:


While our sentiments are completely the same, let’s not get it twisted, no lye has touched Michelle Obama’s scalp in over 7 years. She just decided not to straighten her hair. According to The Root, Obama’s stylist Johnny Wright straightens her hair with a flat iron. Although it hasn’t been confirmed when or where this photo was taken, we are happy to see that Michelle Obama is exuding so much carefree #BlackGirlMagic.

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