Michelle Obama paid a visit to Canada on Tuesday to speak at an event centered around gender inequality.

During the hour-long talk at “Economics of Equality: Advancing Women and Girls to Change the World,” she former FLOTUS answered questions on subjects ranging from grubbing with Jesus to her path to being deemed #goals over the past nine years. She also shut down the possibility of a presidential run, again.

One of the discussion’s most noteworthy moments came when Mrs. Obama shared why her ability to maintain resilience in the face of adversity played a crucial role in shaping her character.

“That journey for me from the South Side to now, that journey for me has not been a story of success,” she said at Toronto’s Mattamy Athletic Centre. “It’s been a story of stumbles and tumbles along the way, and missteps and embarrassments, and hurts and pains, and cuts and bruises. But it’s the getting back up part of all of that—that is really what’s important.”

“It’s that resilience that makes me who I am,” she continued. “It’s not the degrees, it’s not the schools I went to, it’s not the titles—it’s my ability to get back up again and again and to be a human being which connects to my story.”

Obama’s plethora of accomplishments include earning academic degrees from Yale and Princeton universities.

Oh, and she also mentioned if she had to choose a food to nourish Jesus Christ with, it’d be pizza. Forever relatable.