During an interview with People, First Lady Michelle Obama broke her silence about how she felt when Donald Trump was elected president.

The remarks came during a joint interview that she did with President Barack Obama on their life together and the last days in the White House.

“I went to bed,” she said when asked about Trump’s stunning victory. “I don’t like the watch the political discourse; I never have. I barely did with [Barack].”

The First Lady served as one of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s most vocal surrogates. While Trump’s election to the position of presidency threatens to unravel some of Obama’s achievements, he remains hopeful that his legacy will remain intact.

“This is a big, complicated country,” he said. “And history doesn’t move in a straight line. It zig zags, and it goes backwards and forwards. So you can never just say, ‘All right, we’re finished with that.’ The battle to be vigilant, on behalf of kindness and tolerance and fairness and equality, that’s a day-to-day thing that each of us is responsible for. That doesn’t change because of one election. It’s something that has to be tended to all the time.”

Meanwhile president-elect Trump has been busy selecting members for his administration. The most recent addition? Ben Carson.

The GOP presidential campaigner accepted the position of Secretary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, one that longtime friend and business manager, Armstrong Williams, said he felt he did not have enough experience for.