Michelle Obama received a huge reception on Sunday when she took the Grammy Awards stage to speak on the importance of music, but one person who wasn’t impressed was her mother.

The former first lady shared a funny exchange Wednesday between herself and her mother, Marian Robinson, who jokingly jabbed that her daughter wasn’t a "real" celebrity.

“I guess you were a hit at the Grammys,” Robinson began the conversation. Obama then asked if her mom watched the show. “I saw it because Gracie called me. Did you meet any of the real stars or did you run right after you were done,” her mother's replied.

The Becoming author said she told her mom that she reminded her, before Robinson said it didn’t happen. “I would have remembered that even though I don’t remember much.”

“I thought I told you,” said Obama, adding: "And I Am A real star…by the way…”


Robinson lived with her famous daughter in the White House for eight years to help her and former President Barack Obama raise their two daughters, Sasha and Malia.