On a visit to Jacksonville, Fla. on Tuesday, Michelle Obama surprised a group of teenagers whose parents serve in the military by having Ellen DeGeneres show up via satellite. Also taping live for her show, the daytime talk show host joined the FLOTUS in saluting the teens for being brave while having loved ones at war. And, of course, the subject of prom photos came up, leading DeGeneres to turn the tables on Obama.

The comedian first showed a photo of herself donned in a ‘tablecloth’ looking ensemble from her prom. Then, to everyone’s surprise, she showed a picture of a solid gold jacket wearing first lady at her senior prom circa 1970s. Not only was her solid gold outfit bold, but Obama had a risqué high slit on the side and a mustache laden date standing next to her. As the crowd laughed, Obama noted that her slit was too high saying, “I don’t know if I’d let my kids go out with a split that high, so let’s not show this to Malia and Sasha.” All in good fun, the Emmy-award winning talk show presented the military teens and their schoolmates $250 from Macy’s to shop for their prom.