Michelle Obama knows a thing or two about raising littles ones. Things like, many children are picky eaters and will rarely try things that fall outside of their faves. We see this as they grow older and develop aversions to things that look or smell “funny” to them, further creating habits that discourage diversity and exploration. Let's not forget the rest of us. From a historical point of view, the cuisine and dietary habits of the Black community has largely been shaped by oppression, which has affected everything from the cultural staples we know today such as Southern “soul food” to the quality of product available at local stores.

Enter our #ForeverFirstLady.

Michelle Obama is on a mission to celebrate diverse food and cultures in her new Netflix series “Waffles and Mochi.” Through the Obamas' production company Higher Ground, Mrs. Obama will have the ability to touch a new generation of kids with her health and nutrition efforts. She isn't the only star of the show. With the help of two endearing creatures respectively named “Waffles” and “Mochi” who journey from the “land of frozen foods,” the group uses geography—and humor—to explore food, culture, and cooking. The inclusion of well-known celebrities and local chefs helps elucidate themes of sustainability and building healthy relationships with eating in an animated manner that connects with young minds.

Whether your have a picky eater that you’d like to introduce to new foods or a little one you'd like to groom to be an awesome global citizen, this show is the start of a lifelong love of trying new things and sharing a deep appreciation for food in a healthy and exploratory manner. Plus, it's a great way to spend quality family time.

Recently, Mrs. Obama visited the TONIGHT SHOW with Jimmy Fallon where she talked more about the new show, bike rides, and the competitive streak that we never knew she had with former President Barack Obama. Take a look at the exclusive clip below to see how the conversation went:

“Waffles and Mochi” is now available for streaming on Netflix.