Former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams wrote a tribute to Cardi B for the latest issue of Variety magazine, in which the rapper is one of 50 people named on the 2018 New Power of New York list.  She encouraged new-mom to “remember the why” and to “enjoy” the places success allows her to travel.

As a veteran artist, Williams said she “didn’t hesitate” when asked to pen something to the Bronx native.

“You show the world, that yes, you’re doing good and are on top of the world, but you are still human,” Williams wrote. “Cardi, I encourage you to remember the why!”

The singer continued, “Remember why you started, and when anything or anybody tries to get you off track the three words Remember the why will keep you focused. Remember all the young girls who feel so unqualified to do great things because of their past — they are looking to you.”

Williams also shared advice given to Destiny’s Child by the pop icon Janet Jackson. “She told us to enjoy the places we go to. She said this will go by so fast, and when you look back, you don’t want to regret that you didn’t enjoy all the fabulous places that this life will take you.”

She ended her open letter telling Cardi to be a tourist and always put God first.