Miguel has been having a tough time on Twitter lately. First he was immortalized as a meme via countless photoshopped pictures after kicking some fans in the face during the BillBoard Music Awards. Now he's being dragged through the fire after making a blanket statement about Black people.

"I'm proud of my heritage," he wrote, "but honestly Black people are the most judgmental people in the world." Instantaneously, Black people responded in offense and anger. It wasn't immediately evident what sparked Miguel's comment, but it appears to have been brought on by a discussion about religion.

Miguel's response drew the ire of scores of Black Twitter users, who felt his comments were a clear example of self-hate. Others found his comment ironic, seeing as how he, a Black man, essentially judged all Black people in naming the lot of them the most judgmental in the world. And others saw it as just plain dumb, and a great way to alienate a good percentage of your fans.