Following pop artists like Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and even Beyoncé, R&B crooner Miguel has released his first Spanish-language body of work in new EP, Te Lo Dije.

The new release features five Spanish/Spanglish tracks taken from the singer’s 2017 album, War & Leisure, and features collaborations from other Spanish-speaking artists such as Kali Uchis, C. Tangana, Dante Spintetta and Emmanuel Horvilleur, as well as Mexican Mariachi girl band, Flor de Toloache.

According to Rap-Up, Miguel told Power 106 about his ambitions to record in Spanish back in 2012, saying, “I want to be able to write an entire song in Spanish, but I’m practicing my Spanish now just so I can get it.”

The biracial singer told MadameNoire in 2010 that both his African-American mother and Mexican father had a huge impact on his musical influences.

"My dad had all these instruments around the house. He wasn’t a musician [professionally], but he had all these instruments. He could play the guitar and sing. He had a drum set at the house—I remember playing around with them. My father was a little more varied what his listened to. Classic rock, hip hop and funk. My mom was a little more classic in what she listened to, like old R&B. So I grew up in a fairly broad spectrum of music.

"My mom would always have us listening to the sounds and instruments in music. I never understood why she would do that—have us separate the sounds. ‘What is this sound?’ and ‘What is this instrument?’ We’d just be in the car listening to music and she’d ask these questions."