Marvel’s Luke Cage star Mike Colter and wife, Netflix executive Iva Colter, can soon expect their second princess, as the happy couple will reportedly be having another baby girl.

People reports Iva is six months along and excited to be a mom once again.

“We are feeling happy but a bit nervous as well. It’s a new member of the family,” said the couple. “While it will shift focus for us again, our daughter will probably be affected the most, so we are making sure she feels comfortable and excited with the change to our growing family,” they add.

The Colters share three-year-old daughter, Naiella.

Ok i have a confession. This pic was taken last week. you see my daughter crying her eyes out for reasons I honestly cannot recall.. the truth is it doesn’t really matter. Now why is that? Better yet why am I smiling all the while? Its simple. its only been three years but I already can see the future. I won’t be able to get this close to her always.. to get to hold her and make her feel completely 100% safe. Not because I won’t try but because she will wander farther and farther away from her daddy. In search of her own life.I can’t stop her but i will try to delay it. If even for a short time. for as long as i can. and until that day, every single time she cries that’s my cue. to pick her up. to kiss her sweet salty tears away. Hold her as loooong as I can or until she realizes that she no longer hurts or is afraid. this is why these moments are selfishly my favorite moments. I love her more than she will ever know. So when she cries. And its crocodile tears as they often are. it doesn’t bother me. Its kinda just my cue. To do what fathers do. Feel me? 🏃🏿 😊🤗😍 Happy Fathers Day! #fathersday #daddyslittlegirl #gottatakeitwhereyoucangetit #minnieme

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