To keep up with the ridiculousness that is the Trump administration, Vice-President Mike Pence took to social media to acknowledge Black History Month by giving praise to Abraham Lincoln for freeing the slaves.

Now many of us get tired of hearing the same recycled names given the fact that African-American contributions to America extend well beyond the three that are often mentioned. But did Pence or his advisers at least consult to implement and acknowledge Black history in a way that actually included giving recognition to a Black person?

Historically, Abraham Lincoln is believed to have African-American blood coursing through his veins, but that hasn’t been proven or verifiable. What we do know is that Pence and Trump continue to subtly undermine the importance of African-Americans and our contributions to history.

Pence credits our nation’s 16th president for freeing the slaves, but there was an entire movement—the abolitionist movement—that was primarily responsible for Blacks becoming free citizens of the United States of America.

What’s even more sad than Pence’s tweet is the fact that most of us aren’t surprised at just how bad he missed the mark.