A Baptist pastor had everything but praise for President Donald Trump and his deprecatory comments about Haiti, El Salvador and African countries on Sunday. For whatever reason, Vice President Mike Pence and his wife happened to be in attendance at the church during this particular sermon.

And boy was it gratifying.

Pastor Dr. Maurice Watson of the Metropolitan Baptist Church felt “led by God” as he put it, to discuss Trump’s characterization of Haiti and African nations as “s**thole countries” during a meeting last Thursday. According to the pastor, a number of members in his congregation are of African or Haitian descent.

“It is alleged that a hurtful, dehumanizing, visceral, guttural, ugly adjective that I cannot repeat in church was allegedly used to characterize some of the nations of Africa.,” he said of the president’s remarks. “And a statement was made that we ought to welcome people from Norway more than we welcome people from Haiti.”

Attendees told WUSA-TV that Pence, who was sitting in the front row at the time, was rather red in the face throughout the address.

“I stand today as your pastor to vehemently denounce and reject such characterizations of the nations and our brothers and sisters of Haiti,” he continued.

The pastor then went on to say “whoever made such a statement” reap the consequences of their words.

With an evident understanding of Trump’s childish mind, he then went on to say that while descendants of these countries most likely won’t receive an apology for the language directed toward them, he proclaimed that he and church members at least have an understanding of their humanity.

The last time Pence felt uncomfortable around Black folks asserting their value as human beings, he walked out. He must have known that wouldn’t fly in Pastor Watson’s space.

Watch the full clip here.