Mike Tyson is the latest celebrity to get in on the ever-expanding marijuana market, with plans to open a luxurious California resort where growers and guests can puff in peace.

The Blast reports Tyson, 51, broke ground last month on a “cannabis resort” to be located on a 40-acre ranch in California City, a town in the Mojave Desert just two hours outside of Los Angeles.

Tyson’s ranch resort will produce high quality THC and CBD products while supporting research on the health benefits of cannabis. Reportedly, the resort will dedicate 20 acres of land to marijuana cultivation, allowing “master growers to have maximum control of their environment.”  There will also be a Tyson Cultivation School to teach growers the ins-and-outs of perfecting their own strains.

As for visitors, Tyson’s resort will include an edible factory, amphitheater for entertainment and premium “glamping” campgrounds and cabins.

Tyson hopes to build his own marijuana empire, telling TODAY’s Natalie Morales last November that he has plans to develop hemp-infused drinks, muscle pain ointments and packaged weed for the masses.