This is awkward.

Next month, Mike Tyson will debut his new one-man stage show about himself at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for one week. “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth — Live on Stage” will run from April 13th through the 18th. It is unclear exactly what the show will consist of, but we do know what won’t be in it.

According to Randy Johnson, a Los Angeles-based playwright who co-wrote the show along with Tyson’s wife Kiki, we shouldn’t expect to see any onstage shadowboxing. “Mimicking boxing would be very cheesy,” he told the LA Times, noting that they are “keeping this authentic.”

Johnson describes the performance as “a theater piece… a real one-man show.”

Clearly Mike Tyson’s career has moved beyond the point at which he was the most feared man on the planet beating Trevor Berbick to become the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history at 20-years-old; past any serious acting phase and straight into the clown period. Don’t get me wrong; comedy is good. His dancing in the “Every Little Step” remake video with Bobby Brown and Wayne Brady is priceless; as is his Herman Cain imitation from late last year.

That’s why this one-man show is so intriguing. What can Mike Tyson possibly do on stage by himself to keep a theater full of people entertained? Whatever it is, hopefully, it has nothing to do with ear-biting or face tattoos.

Chris Wilder is a Philadelphia and New York-based journalist who covers sports for the Associated Press and He also writes for Black America Web and Common Ground News Service. He is the former Editor-in-Chief of The Source Sports. Follow him on Twitter @ceewild