On Saturday, America lost one of its greatest journalists as Mike Wallace passed away at the age of 93. Wallace is best known for his 40 years on CBS’s "60 Minutes" where he interviewed everyone from President John F. Kennedy to Bill Clinton. Retiring in 2006, and doing small appearances up to 2008, Wallace left the show with over 20 Emmys under his belt.

The energetic, direct, and no-holds-barred interview style of Wallace made him famous in his sit-downs with intimidators like Vladimir Putin, whom he boldly checked on corruption charges. In his lifetime, Wallace worked as a game show host, radio announcer, and actor, finally settling down with journalism after he lost his son in 1962 in a mountain-climbing accident. "Mike Wallace is a legend in the news business," said CNN’s Anderson Cooper. "Tough, hardworking, he'd go anywhere to get the story. If I could have half the career Mike Wallace had, I would consider myself a very lucky man."