Three Milwaukee County jail staffers are facing criminal charges for their role in the death of a mentally ill inmate, New York Post reports.

According to reports, the inmate spent a week without water, prosecutors said Monday.

The charges were announced by the Milwaukee District Attorney’s Office. They come almost a year after jurors recommended jail staff be liable after reviewing evidence.

38-year-old Terrill Thomas had water to his cell shut off as punishment for flooding his mattress in April 2016.


Kashka Meadors who is a supervisor at the jail and James Lee Ramsey-Guy, a deputy at the jail, are both charged with neglect of a resident of a penal facility.

The charge is a felony that is punishable by up the 3 1/2 years in prison. Prosecutors are accusing the pair of shutting off the water in Thomas’ cell.

Nancy Lee Evans, a commander with the jail, has also been charged with felony misconduct and misdemeanor obstructing an office. Evans can face more than four years in prison if convicted.

“Our expectation when Mr. Thomas was brought into custody was that he would be kept safe. The allegations set forth in the criminal complaint document that that did not happen,” District Attorney John Chisholm said.


Jurors also recommended that charges be brought against four other staffers, but it was concluded that they should not be prosecuted. It is possible that they will face charges at a later date.