Milwaukee saw a second night of unrest Sunday following the police-involved shooting death of a 23-year-old Black man Saturday.

NPR reports that Sylville Smith ran from police during a traffic stop, and police say he was carrying a gun.

Sunday’s demonstrations weren’t as intense as the previous night’s, although some violence occurred and one person was shot under unknown circumstances.

Police Chief Edward Flynn has not revealed the identity of the officer who killed Smith, but says he or she is Black. Protests that took place on Saturday left six businesses in shambles. A BMO Harris branch was set on fire and 17 people were arrested. Four police officers were also injured, according to reports.

Police say Smith had been arrested 13 times before. Authorities are currently waiting for Smith’s autopsy results, and body camera footage of the shooting has not yet been released. The National Guard has been placed on standby if Milwaukee authorities need assistance.

The Wisconsin Justice Department is currently reviewing the shooting. Check back for updates.