Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan denies alleged claims that he killed former civil rights leader Malcolm X.

On Monday, Farrakhan posted a video of himself giving a speech detailing his last conversation with Malcolm X on Instagram.

He posted the video with a caption saying he did not kill Malcolm X.

“The enemy is so frightened that Black people listen to Farrakhan that they put it out that Farrakhan had something to do with the murder of Malcolm X,” he wrote. “Don’t you know as much as they hate me, if they had any proof that I did something like that, don’t you know they would take me off the street in the twinkling of an eye and bury me under the jail?”

In the video, Farrakhan reveals what Malcolm X told him before his assassination.

“He said to me, ‘Brother Louis, I wish it was you being an example for me rather than me being an example for you,'” the minister says in the video. “He knew that I was going to ascend to his position.”

Farrakhan is the current leader of the religious movement the Nation of Islam.