This weekend, the finale of the Miss Brazil 2016 pageant took place. Why is that important? Raissa Santana won the title, and according to plus55, she is only the second Black woman in 61 years to walk away with the crown.

Miss Brazil

Santana is from the Southern state of Paraná and is 21-years-old. The last time a Black woman won this coveted spot was 30 years ago in 1986 when Deise Nunes was crowned the winner.

The site also reported that this year’s pageant had a record breaking number of Black participants, citing that 6 out of the 27 women were of African descent. It’s not a huge reflection of present day Brazil, as 54 percent of the Brazilian population consider themselves Black or multiracial, but it’s a start.

The country has also experienced its own issues with police violence and diversity, so this is still a major milestone.

Here’s wishing Raissa the best, as many are considering her a strong contender for the title of Miss Universe.