The popularity of beauty brands going out of their way to represent and encourage a wide range of beauty is on the rise. These companies, big and small, are starting to understand that women are tired of being sold the idea that there is only one type of beautiful to aspire to. They’re not buying it anymore, and companies are listening.

One of the beauty brands that continuously goes out of their way to make sure they’re displaying a variety women, especially women who are curvy and plus size, is Aida Cosmetics. Aida Cosmetics, known for their amazing colors and enhancing make-up offerings, is re-launching their Confidence and Glamour campaign, featuring the first Miss Plus America, Chenese Lewis, with new ads debuting spring 2014.

Aida Cosmetics introduced the Confidence and Glamour campaign last fall, which was created to celebrate plus size beauty and was met with superb acclaim and praise. Ads featuring Chenese in various magazines, blogs, and at Aida Cosmetics sponsored events helped make Confidence and Glamour the most successful Aida Cosmetics campaign to date.

“Aida Cosmetics recognizes the importance for the public to relate to a brand, and we want to stand out from the typical cosmetics campaign by embracing and acknowledge real size beauties. The average size for a woman in America is 12, so collaborating with Chenese Lewis, the first Miss Plus America, is the perfect way to show that beauty is so much more than size. We believe that every woman should feel confident, glamorous and unique,” says Aida owners Aida Danielle and Amberly Olguin.”

Seeing women in a variety of shapes and sizes is quite refreshing, especially in a world where a certain ideal of beauty is constantly perpetuated in the media. As this beauty brand pushes the envelope, showing and highlighting plus size women, we can only hope other major brands will follow suit.

What do you think ladies: will other companies follow behind this amazing transformation?