Willard M. Romney, the man who won the Florida primary, appears to live up to his rich White guy typecast to a tee. The would-be GOP presidential candidate appeared on the Soledad O’Brien show to continue his campaign rhetoric when he made clear his stance on the economic gap faced by today’s Americans. “I’m not concerned about the very poor, we have a safety there,” Romney admitted to the CNN hostess. He added, “If it needs repair, I’ll fix it.”

Forget what you know about your own plight, the unemployment rates, and even the wide breadth of space between earned wages and cost of living—Romney is purely asinine. His lack of concern even extends to the upper echelon, too, as he followed with, “I’m not concerned about the very rich—they’re doing just fine.” What is his focus, you ask? “The 90-95% of Americans who right now are struggling” is his answer. What’s so baffling is that struggling is synonymous with poor! It’s what one must do in order to survive.

Never one to back down from an interesting quip, Ms. O’Brien asked the former Massachusetts governor to clarify his statement. When pressed, Romney didn’t shy away, but didn’t expound on the sentiment. Instead he chose to emphasize his desire to focus on middle income Americans. It figures that when you’re 1,800 times more wealthy than the average U.S. citizen, your values tend to be a bit skewed.

Is Mitt Romney trying to be typecast as the out-of-touch, wealthy White guy? Or is this part of a greater scheme to cast doubt on his would-be opponent President Barack Obama?