When the late Sherman Hemsley passed away from what the coroner describes as lung cancer, his estate became up for grabs. But as of today, the late “Jeffersons” star hasn’t even been properly laid to rest and his body remains refrigerated at the Eastside location of the San Jose Funeral Home in El Paso, Texas. The charismatic actor continues to have his will contested as everything from the naming of beneficiaries to the cause of death are up for dispute.

As we previously reported on this site (https://www.ebony.com/black-listed/entertainment-culture/sherman-hemsleys-cause-of-death-revealed), the estate is now embroiled in a battle between Flora Enchinton, 56, who was described as a “beloved partner” of Hemsley’s and a man that claims to be the deceased actor’s estranged brother. Richard Thornton of Philadelphia, claims to be Hemsley’s half-brother (https://www.ebony.com/black-listed/entertainment-culture/texas-judge-orders-dna-testing-in-sherman-hemsleys-death). Even though the “Amen” actor always said in interviews that he was an only child, Thornton argues that the will may not have been written by Hemsley and suggests that it may be a forgery.

Contesting that issue is Hemsley’s manager, Flora Enchinton, his manager for over 20 years and the sole beneficiary of Hemsley’s $50,000 estate. Back in August, already a month after Hemsley’s passing, Enchinton told the Associated Press, “Some people come out of the woodwork — they think Sherman, they think money… But the fact is, that I did not know Sherman when he was in the limelight. I met him when he [Hemsley] came running from Los Angeles with not one penny, when there was nothing but struggle.” Fast forward to September, where a judge ordered DNA testing to determine whether or not Thornton is in fact Hemsley’s biological brother, the results of that test have not been reported.

As we’ve come into the third month of Hemsley’s passing without his body being laid to rest, there is also a third person who has come forward to contest the late actor’s will. Reverend Michael George Wells, a minister at Arch Street United Methodist Church — has seemingly came out of nowhere to claim to be a cousin on Hemsley’s mother’s side.

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