The art of flexing requires swag, a little bit of finesse, and the confidence to boldly proclaim your own sense of style. That’s what makes IVYPARK drops nothing to play with. Queen Bey and her team over at Adidas have mastered creating collections that make us feel and look good. With their iconic mix and match collections, the partnership has become some of the most coveted fashion pieces that many of all ages and backgrounds strive to cop for their own closets. As summer is getting hotter, we’ve been blessed with the latest edition of IVYPARK drip—FLEXPARK

Releasing to the public July 22nd, FLEXPARK is the first swimwear line within the collection and aims to inclusively reimagine swimwear for all through their bright and unique designs and vast range of sizes. 

Plus-size model Tabria Majors who is at the forefront of the campaign owns her flex whether on the runway or recreating Beyoncé’s best moments. Majors shared her thoughts on the collection and what IVYPARK stans can expect from this latest capsule collection.

EBONY: What is your favorite part about being involved in the Adidas x IVY PARK Swim capsule collection campaign? 

 Tabria Majors: It’s difficult to choose my favorite aspect of this campaign. From getting the call that I was booked to the actual shoot, to the rollout—I honestly can’t say. It’s been an incredible journey thus far. Knowing that my image would be seen and shared with people around the world truly fulfills my dreams. My intention is all about positive body image and being a part of this campaign celebrates my story. 

How do you ‘flex’ your confidence on a daily basis? 

Honestly, confidence isn’t something I consider much anymore. My confidence and self-esteem fluctuate on a daily basis. Previously, I would artificially inflate my ego with the “fake it ‘till you make it” mentality, but I think that did more harm than good because I didn’t have a solid foundation or source for that faux confidence. Instead, I now focus more on competence than anything. When I feel competent at work or with my passions or really any aspect of my life, it makes me feel better all around.  

Model Tabria Majors surrounded by hunky models, all in FLEXPARK. Image: courtesy of FLEXPARK

What pieces from the collection are you most excited to step out in this summer? 

All of the pieces in this collection are so great! I’d have to say my favorites are the mesh dress cover-up, the chunky slides, the string bikini, and the high-cut one-piece. I think they’re so flattering and will be sure to make a statement when I step out. 

Can you speak to the importance of inclusivity in fashion and how this is achieved in the new capsule collection? 

I think fashion has certainly evolved when it comes to inclusivity, more so than ever in the past decade. There’s still more work to be done, as plus-size fashion still isn’t mainstream. However, the IVY PARK collections always make a concerted effort to be inclusive with their size range, in both their women’s and unisex pieces. I appreciate that a mogul like Beyoncé and a global brand like Adidas make the effort to provide an extensive size range, especially when so many other brands still fall short.