A mother in Texas discovered her daughter suffered from a medical condition after she died Wednesday following a fight with other students.

According to Texas CBS-affiliate KWTX-TV, Mamie Jackson said her 13-year-old daughter Kashala Francis was assaulted by two students after school on April 18. Another student joined the fight, kicking the teen in her head.

Jackson said her daughter appeared to be in good health, despite suffering a bruise on her face from the fight.

The Attucks Middle School student's health began to decline over the course of two days. That Saturday, family members claimed she briefly appeared to be delusional while spending the night, but she returned to her normal state.

One day later, she complained to her mother about having a headache. Jackson said her daughter continuously told her, "Mama, my head hurt,'" before laying down and falling unconscious.

Doctors at Texas Children's Hospital discovered a large tumor on the back of Francis' brain and fluid buildup in her brain. She was placed on life support and died days later.

Her mother said, "So if she had a tumor in her head that we (didn't know) about and somebody repeatedly stomps and kick and punch you in your head… you're not even fighting back… is it gonna be better or is it gonna be worse."

Video footage of the incident was released on social media. At least one girl was heard laughing during the altercation, ABC affiliate KTRK reports. "I can see these girls kicking her in the head while other children are laughing at her."


Houston Police Department spokesman Victor Senties told ABC News said the cause of death has not been officially ruled a homicide. An autopsy determining the cause of death is pending. "Until the autopsy is finished, we won't know," Senties said.