The alleged sexual perversion of a White Kansas detective has forced one to mom to battle with guilt over her son’s wrongful imprisonment reports the Associated Press.

When Lamonte McIntyre of Wichita, KS was 17 years old, he was falsely convicted of a double murder. He was released on Oct. 13 after 23 long years. His mother believes her refusal of a cop’s unwanted sexual advances years before the murder took place led to her son’s wrongful imprisonment.

“I do believe that if I had complied with his request for me to become his ‘woman,’ that my son would likely not be in prison,” Rose McIntyre said of retired homicide detective Roger Golubski  in a 2014 affidavit.

McIntyre said she was repeatedly harassed by the former detective in the late 1980s, so much so, that she had to change her phone number.

After a 1994 murder, witnesses of the homicide conducted a photo line-up of five individuals to pinpoint the perpetrator, among them were two of McIntyre’s sons — including Lamonte — as well as her nephew. Two eyewitnesses said they were coerced by the case’s prosecutor Terra Morehead, who once slept with the judge presiding over the case, into into identifying Lamonte despite their insistence that he wasn’t the killer.

Homicide detective Roger Golubski has an alleged track record of preying on vulnerable Black women including prostitutes and women who suffered from drug addictions.

“He had total power, and I was terrified that he would try to force me again to provide sexual favors,” McIntyre added in the affidavit. “I also knew that there was no one I could complain to, as Golubski was known to be very powerful in the community and in the police department.”

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation has been asked to look into the claims against Golubski.