After taking away her son’s games and television, Demetris Payne had to get creative with her disciplinary methods when the child found himself in trouble yet again.

Last Friday, the Louisiana mother volunteered her son to do free yard work after he was given a three day suspension from school.

“My son has been suspended for three days from school for discipline,” Payne posted to a yard service group on Facebook. “He will do your lawn service, he will rake your yard, mow if you supply the mower, pick up trash, or wash your car for free. Maximum three hours. If anyone has a rake they would like to donate will be awesome.”

Unsurprisingly, people jumped at the opportunity for their yard to get some free TLC.
“He’s booked up for this weekend, so it’ll be next weekend,” she later added in the comments section. “I got so many requests from buy, sell, and trade that I have to make a schedule.”
Those whose yard didn’t need any immediate tending to still lauded the woman for her parenting skills. Payne even took pictures and videos of her son’s disciplinary labor and posted them to Facebook with captions like “he thought I was playing.”

In one of the videos, the mom can be heard motivating her son.

“Keep pushing, you got it,” Payne yells in a video as her son mows someone’s yard. “You’re doing good.”

On Tuesday, shared a picture of her son upon his return to school and said she was working with his teachers to ensure he remains focused.